Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back at Long Last

Well, it's been 2.5 years since my last post. Busy-ness got the better of me - not much more to say there.

I am pleased, however, that interesting comments have continued to trickle in. I apologize that many were approved and posted belatedly. I dropped my old email account and forgot to update my blog profile.

Interestingly just a few weeks ago I received a renewed invitation from Twinings NA. Mr. Wayne Evans, a Vice President there, invited me over for a visit long ago, but I was unable to contact him to accept the offer. Last month, he invited me back, this time including his email address.

Dear Sir,

Forgive me if you thought my previous offer disingenuous and I apologise for not providing detailed contact information.

Again, please accept my invitation to join us at Twinings North America. I would personally like to join you in a cup of Earl Grey while explaining the Twinings approach to blending what we believe to be some of the finest teas in the world and discussing your concerns about our beloved Earl Grey.

Please email me at ***@twiningsusa.com to arrange a convenient time to meet.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Wayne Evans

I'm redacting his email address, because posting it would be a sure way to get his inbox inundates with spam (if it isn't already). But I figure I'll drop him a line and see what happens.

If he and I connect, I'll post the results. In the meantime, keep the comments coming.


  1. As an avid Earl Grey drinker, I recently purchased Twinings with high expectations, having heard it was the "original" Earl Grey. I was truly disappointed in the flavor, and had to check the box again to make sure I did not accidentally purchase plain black tea. I would love to hear an update on your situation.

  2. I've liked Twinings Earl Gray Tea for years. But I don't think I am passionate about it like you do. Some years back, I just didn't like the taste of it somehow and thought I just didn't like Earl Gray anymore. Recently, I've just started drinking Earl Gray Tea again! This time I started with St Dalfour Earl Gray. It promises strict quality standards including it's organic status. And when i put it to the taste test, it just pleases me to no end. After drinking it for 2 weeks, I find it a risk to try other brands when I needed to shop for more Earl Gray Tea. There's no harshness in the St Dalfour. Strong Bergamot aroma. Really enjoy it!