Saturday, February 02, 2013

Twinings did it again!

Hi All, I long ago gave up on this struggle. I don't drink Earl Grey much any more. When I do, I drink Trader Joe's. Nowadays, I'll drink a cup of Lipton before I'll drink Twinings Earl Grey. I'm almost embarrassed to admit it.

Thanks to a fresh comment, I decided to Google around and see if there's anything new to report. I learned, to my surprise, that there was a big hullaballo last year in the UK - because Twinings was crazy enough to change the blend there as well. Only in the UK, they did it above board, announcing the change publicly.

The backlash was severe enough that Twinings relented, and re-released the "Classic" blend for purchase online. The Brits deserve credit for fighting the good fight.

Early Grey Classic = good

New Earl Grey = bad
(I've never tasted it, but the backlash is indicative)

Here's a link to the Facebook page devoted to the UK struggle: Bring Back the Original Twinings Earl Grey Tea

Here's a link to a Telegraph article covering the controversy: Earl Grey tea is back: Twinings gives in to outraged tea-drinkers