Saturday, December 29, 2007

SAVE TWININGS Has Become a Public Relations "Case Study"

A PR Firm named Ruder Finn at some point posted a "case study" about their intervention with my blog. Apparently, they think I traveled to Twinings HQ, was convinced of the error of my ways, and stopped my campaign. And, of course, Ruder Finn wants to take credit for this magnificent PR maneuver. Unfortunately, it's just plain wrong.

You can find the site here: Ruder Finn: A Case Study in How to Screw up a PR Case Study

Here's a snippet - the relevant part not surrounded by the additional promotional stuff pasted all over their site, plus my handy calendar app showing the date and time I viewed the site (sorry, I know there are more sophisticated ways of time stamping a website).

NOTE (1/20/08): the web page has been pulled by Ruder Finn, but you can still find traces of it on Google 's cache.

The truth is no different than what I've already stated in this blog. I did receive a post on this blog from a VP at Twinings, just as Ruder Finn states. I was invited to visit Twinings HQ in New Jersey, which delighted me. However, I was given no contact info, and though I made attempts to connect with this VP, s/he made no further effort to connect with me. I was actually disappointed - I live close enough that a trip to Twinings could be a fun afternoon with the fam. But I moved on and assumed the invitation was disingenuous.

This begs several questions:

(a) Is Ruder Finn just shilling this story in an attempt to better sell themselves to the highest corporate bidder?

(b) Has Ruder Finn duped Twinings into paying for PR services rendered to supposedly change my mind?

(c) Has Ruder Finn been duped by someone pretending to be me--someone who went to Twinings HQ, said she had changed her mind and promised not to write negatively about Twinings any longer?

In any case, it looks like I need a PR ally on my side to set the record straight. Any recommendations?

p.s. Thanks to the anonymous tipster who clued me in to the Ruder Finn website.


  1. Have you contacted anyone at Ruder Finn about this distortion of the truth?

  2. The firm should change its name to Ruder Fib. Outrageous that they would lie like that.

  3. Not yet - I didn't find out until Saturday the 29th. I'll wait until Jan 2.

  4. I emailed my local New York City office of Ruder Finn today, and the email was kicked back. I guess my case study isn't the only inaccurate information on their website. I then emailed the rest of their North American offices. No reply yet...

  5. Maybe they really haven't changed the formula. Maybe they just had a bad harvest this year, which lead to the weak taste?

  6. I am curious, have you called or emailed Twinings since you got the letter from Wayne? Are they just ignoring you now?