Sunday, November 05, 2006

Response from Twinings

I have just received a comment from Wayne Evans, a VP at Twinings North America. Due to problems with Blogger, I haven't been able to get it posted as he originally submitted, but I'll paste it here in its entirety:

Dear Sir,
I read your blog with interest and thank you for your obvious passion for tea and for Twinings. As VP Sales and Marketing for Twinings NA I can assure you that we have made no changes to the Earl Grey blend. I note that you live in NYC and would like to extend an invitation to join us in our offices in New Jersey to discuss this further. We would welcome the opportunity to restore your faith in Twinings and further enhance your enjoyment of our teas.

And a response to Wayne: Thanks for your comment and your interest. I would be interested in a field trip to Jersey, so maybe we should connect more directly. You can email me at savetwinings (at) gmail (dot) com.

NOTE: See post dated 12/16/06 for a follow-up regarding the submission from Mr. Evans.


  1. Does Twinings sell loose tea in the new packaging too? As far as I can tell the "weaker" tea could simply be attributed to new tea-bag material unintentionally blocking the bigger tannin molecules. I suggest a test to be re-carried out by using tea pots and loose tea leaves.

  2. What else would you expect for a saleman to say to you? The package is so ugly that this alonw destroys the experiance for me. Then the stupid new sealed envelope which ends up tearing into tiny pieces when you open it and that has to be discarded seperately is both annoying and time consuming. The old package would be opened with no hassel at all and it would do so in a single piece unless you really wanted to remove the bag tab itself like when making a whole pot of tea. and i found that i had accidentally bought some decafinated teas in error becuase of the awful new packaging and that certainly tastes different (and not in a good way). I hope that for Twinings sake that their new packaging helps their sales because long time loyal customers like you and I will look elsewhere for a more pleasent tea experiance than what the new crappy Twinnings packaging aestetics and functionality offers. After 200 years the new management found a way to destroy a otherwise great product. Only minds mal-formed by business schools could have created such a blunder. Oh, perhaps they are the same people that brought us the Iraq war ;)